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Job Opportunities

We recognize that top performers are different. What they value is not the same as what the average employee values in a role. Dr. John Sullivan created an excellent list of what he calls “excitement factors” for top performers. These are the things that they look for in employment, what gets them out of bed in the morning. Here’s his list:
  • Doing the best work of my life
  • Doing work that has an impact on the customers and the world
  • Having a great manager
  • An opportunity to innovate and take risks
  • An opportunity to learn rapidly and be challenged
  • The opportunity to implement their ideas
  • A choice of projects and assignments
  • A chance to work with the latest technologies and tools
  • Input into their schedule/ location
  • An opportunity to work with top co-workers
  • The opportunity to make decisions and for fast approvals
  • Working in a performance-driven meritocracy where rewards are based on performance
  • A transparent environment where the needed information and access is readily available
  • Sufficient budget and resources to reach their goals

Do any of the items on this list resonate with you? Are you looking for a job where you can satisfy some of the items on this list? Or maybe you have your own list…


In the Heart of Orléans, we have numerous opportunities that pop up regularly. Whether you are interested in retail, the food industry or services, we’ve got you covered. Here is a list of job opportunities presently available in the BIA district. Perhaps one will help you realize YOUR employment goals.


Be sure to check back regularly.

Administrative Finance Officer

Miriam Centre, a Christian ministry, is seeking a compassionate pro-life person whose primary responsibility will be to help pregnant women and their families. Must be fluently bilingual (oral and written) and possess computer skills (word, excel) and accounting skills (Quickbooks, basic knowledge of bookkeeping and knowledge of a database).  Please submit your resumé to Nicole Beaudin at [email protected]


For more information and job description please visit https://miriamcentre.ca/