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The world of HR

The world of HR has become more complex as a result of the pandemic. I’ve been asked many times what the most significant changes are. Here are the top four issues to consider in the coming year. 

  1. Recruitment

With the talent war still raging, recruitment is the number one priority for most employers in 2023.

The low unemployment rate and reduced immigration for the past three years has made it an employee (or supply-side) market where the employer who offers the largest base salary often wins the recruitment game.

If you decide to increase base salary, remember that it’s difficult to return it to a pre-COVID, pre-inflationary rate. This higher overhead could ultimately lead to layoffs. Instead, employers may want to consider introducing one time payments such as retention bonuses, signing bonuses, or employee referral bonuses to increase the remuneration of their employees. 

You can read more about this in the article at the Heart of Orléans website

Remember, if you change your contract with an employee, it is always helpful to have an HR professional or lawyer review the changes. 

  1. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Another major focus in 2023 is Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI). To attract and retain your best talents, candidates and employees need to feel that they belong in their workplace and that their differences are welcomed, supported and embraced. Check out the article in the Heart of Orléans toolbox to find out more about finding your perfect match

  1. The Duty to Accommodate and other legislation 

The Duty to Accommodate is an important element, especially as the pandemic has changed the way we think of accommodation. So many employees were forced to work from home for such a long time as an operational requirement. But, it came to be perceived as an accommodation. Employers will need to navigate that perception. With the lack of daycare and the on-going illness related to children and youth, it becomes even more difficult for employees to navigate this reality and difficult for employers to know how and when they should accommodate. This requires assistance from an HR professional or a lawyer to establish clear expectations regarding accommodation.

Here are links to two important pieces of Ontario legislation to keep in mind if you have more than 25 employees as you may need a policy to address these issues.  

  1. A Human-Centered Approach

A human-centered approach is a very important foundation. The pandemic was difficult for people on the entire planet. We went through global trauma. People are healing but there is a lot of confusion about how we are supposed to balance work and life. In my blog post Remote Work or Flexible Work Options- How should I handle it?, Ioffer some guidance for employers on how to handle this new normal. 

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