Heart of Orléans BIA

The Faces of Business – Fishys Original Jerk

Jamie and Garnet Wallace opened their doors at 2297 St-Joseph Boulevard on Canada Day in July of 2022!  Ever since they have provided the Orléans community with authentic Jamaican – Caribbean cuisine that takes you directly to the islands!  But it’s not just the Orléans residents  that are fond of their island menu. Folks come from all over to taste their famous braised oxtail, curried goat and their original rôtis!

So where did the name Fishys Original Jerk come from anyway? Fishy is Jamie’s dad! Fishy opened the first family restaurant in 1998 and his dad happens to be the secret weapon behind all the original recipes!  Jamie is honouring his dad by continuing his family’s legacy with Fishys Original Jerk! 

From the moment you walk into the cozy restaurant, you realize that Jamie and Garnet have put their own fresh spin on the island flare. From the beautiful mural to the upbeat, friendly atmosphere and the island menu, you are immediately transported on a mini vacay leaving all your stress at the door! 

When asked if they would recommend the Heart of Orléans BIA as a good location to other businesses, they replied that they definitely would recommend anyone offering something unique to this amazing community. “It’s a busy ecosystem that feels like its own city and the St-Joseph strip is downtown.” They go on to say that the Heart of Orléans is very community based and they were greeted and welcomed by the community from the moment they opened their doors.

If you haven’t been by to experience the island cuisine, please stop in to say hi!

Many thanks to ChristinaLH Photography for helping us with this initiative!