Heart of Orléans BIA

Spring 2022

Volume : 7 ,
Issue : 1

Even though I may not be the biggest fan of winter, I am totally in love with the work we do each January and February for our spring issue of The Beat. That’s because we focus on such an important topic: Health. Over the years, we’ve expanded our definition to be more all-encompassing and to include physical, mental, and financial health.


I’ll start with a reminder that March 8 is International Women’s Day! This year’s theme is #BreakTheBias. As we know – intuitively and as has been proven again and again through research – when women are healthy and educated, communities prosper and thrive.


We’re grateful to The Milkman (John Mielke) for his willingness to share his mental health challenges, his experience, and the importance of staying positive. To accompany that, we’ve prepared a list of mental health resources, all of which are only a click or a phone call away.


We appreciate that Mayor Jim Watson has been at the centre of so much growth and progress in the city of Ottawa, especially with the extension of the LRT out to Orléans. We wish him all the best as he settles in to enjoy a well-deserved retirement after a lifetime of public service. (We’re taking bets on how long before we see him involved in other worthy projects in the city!)


Even in the middle of the pandemic, there have been some exciting additions to the Heart of Orléans. If you’re a lover of fitness, Mexican food, or martial arts (or all three!), check it out in the In the District article.


Finally, if you are looking for a little help when it comes to completing your taxes during a pandemic, you will want to have a peek at The Bookkeeping Bureau’s article.


Now that spring is on its way back – and I’m a huge fan – I hope to see you out in the district or at a local event! Happy spring!!

Tannis Vine
Executive Director