Heart of Orléans BIA

Spring 2021

Volume : 6 ,
Issue : 1

This month, we are marking the first anniversary of the pandemic lockdown. 

While it has been difficult for many, we have been very proud of the businesses within our BIA district and the way they have risen to the occasion. They have been leaders in the community in responding to the regulations and complying with them to ensure the safety of Orléans residents and their customers. Despite struggling themselves, many small businesses still managed to help those struggling just a little bit more, proving what a close-knit community we have become.You can see a few articles humble-bragging about them in this issue of The Beat.

Also in this issue is an article about mental and emotional health with tips for staying as healthy as possible. This includes the four Ss and a small question to keep in mind as you go through your day. Pro tip: some of this may help you even after the pandemic is over. 

While we cannot know when COVID will be behind us, we do know this: we will continue to fight the coronavirus and, as a community, we will come through this stronger than we were before. 

Until then, let’s concentrate on the good that has come out of all this. Most folks are working from home so that means they are running errands and we suddenly have a lunch crowd in Orléans – even if it’s for curbside pickup. Have a peek at The Beat Goes On to see how some of our BIA businesses can help make life a little easier.  If you are wanting to sell your home this year, you will want to read all about the real estate market in our economic development feature this edition and finally you can have a peek at what we have been up to so far by checking out our recap of the first quarter of 2021.

Wishing you and yours a safe and healthy springtime. Looking forward to seeing you in the district soon. Until then we zoom!

Tannis Vine
Executive Director