Heart of Orléans BIA

Fall 2022

Volume : 7 ,
Issue : 3

As summer ends and the kids go back to school, we start to think about shopping. You may have heard the term “shop local” or “support local” over the past few years as they became a popular refrain to encourage folks to support local businesses. Going local does not mean shutting out the rest of the world. It means nurturing locally owned businesses as often as possible because they are the ones who tend to use local resources sustainably, employ local workers at decent wages, and give back to their community. More money is kept in the community and you will never be just a number. The Heart of Orléans is a perfect example of the opportunity to “support local”. We’re so pleased so many decide to dine, shop, and obtain services in the many locally owned businesses in our BIA district. 


In this issue, we highlight the changes to the economy that have affected all businesses, large and small, such as inflation and doing business during the pandemic. Did you know that over 30 new businesses opened in our district during the pandemic? We applaud their courage and the efforts they are making to serve our community. 


In addition, we continue our economic development series which features actions businesses can take to address the ongoing climate crisis. 


As always, in our “What’s Up” feature, you can stay on top of all the local happenings. We’re delighted that there are more and more all the time. 


Finally, we’re pleased to announce that this year, to celebrate Canadian Small Business Week and to assist businesses in the BIA, we’re building a Toolbox for businesses in Orléans, complete with information that will be useful, practical and realistically applicable to our local market. Small Business Week takes place October 16 – 22 this year and we look forward to hearing your feedback on our new Toolbox! 


Wishing you all well as we head into sweater weather! 


Tannis Vine
Executive Director