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St Martha’s Brasserie

On October 1, 2012, St-Martha’s Brasserie opened its doors at 3095 St-Joseph Boulevard in the Heart of Orléans BIA. Wondering how St. Martha’s Brasserie got their name? Saint Martha, also known as Santa Marta or Sainte Marthe by the French, is the patron saint of cooks, hostesses, innkeepers, and travellers. She was hard working, with a strong desire to serve and help whenever needed. 

St-Martha’s story began back in 1999 with a Food Service and Hospitality consultant, named Doug Feltmate. Having worked professionally and through community building activities in Orléans for many years; Doug felt that the Heart of Orléans BIA would be the perfect home for his restaurant. It was then that he made the important decision that the company’s practice and philosophies should always originate with good food, served well, in a pleasant environment. We think that the community would agree this has been accomplished at St. Martha’s.

St. Martha’s has succeeded in attracting top chefs which has made their high standards attainable and reflected on the menu choices. By evoking the regional French approach to cooking, their menu is rooted in the past but uses state of the art equipment and cooking techniques combined with locally sourced ingredients.

For 10 years now, they have been providing the community with an experience you would often find in France. The French consider restaurant dining, especially in the evening, an opportunity to spend quality time with friends and family. Restaurant dining in France has a different level of importance and ritual than it does in many other countries, including Canada. Even the most informal restaurant assumes that if you plan to eat a sit-down meal, you have decided to treat yourself and, therefore, would like the full restaurant experience. Serving delicious fresh food that has been beautifully plated has made St. Martha’s known for this type of fine French dining experience. 

A special thank you to ChristinaLH Photography for helping us showcase St. Martha’s Brasserie through photos!