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Orléans Urgent Care Clinic: Open for business

Due to COVID-19 many people are reluctant to go to hospitals’ emergency rooms – and rightfully so. However, there are urgent cases when a trip to a medical facility is absolutely essential. 

Fortunately, Orléans is home to its own solution for this. The Orléans Urgent Care Clinic is an essential resource for residents requiring the care of doctors and nurses with years of experience and who specialize in urgent care. It is part of Ontario’s health care system. Appointments and treatments are covered by OHIP, just as they are in community health centres and at hospitals. 

The facility is now in its 26th year of service and, in the most recent pre-COVID days, the medical team there would see 55,000 people each year. That’s 150 patients a day! 

The great news is that the clinic is not a high-risk emergency room setting. President and Founder Dr. Ray Aubin calls the centre “emergency light”. Although the clinic does see the same types of medical conditions that would normally present to a hospital emergency department, OUCC does not have the resources and equipment to deal with more severe trauma and illnesses. However, the clinic does treat fractures, lacerations, and sprains, and has an excellent working relationship with Montfort Hospital’s department of Orthopedics and Plastic Surgery should specialist care be required.  

We are becoming used to checklists before appointments with our hairdresser and complementary care providers like registered massage therapists. The same type of protocol is in place at the Orléans Urgent Care Clinic. You can access the clinic’s medical team for a telephone consult and, if you screen negative for COVID, you can be seen in person by the clinic’s medical staff. In addition to treatment of injuries, patients present for assessment of a wide variety of medical and psychological issues. Dr. Aubin noted that the clinic has had increased consultations related to COVID related stress. 

In addition to serving the general population of Orléans, they are the first point of contact for area group homes for children and adults with special needs and for the construction crews working on the LRT. 

Dr. Aubin says, “We have adapted to COVID and are doing whatever is necessary to ensure our patients’ safety. Whenever possible, we do phone consultations; however, we will see patients as needed and we wear PPE and masks, and disinfect our consultation rooms following each patient visit. Our patient’s and our staff’s safety is very important to us and we therefore must maintain our vigilance.” 

Located just off St-Joseph Boulevard, on Place d’Orléans Drive, the Orléans Urgent Care Clinic is the perfect choice. There is an X-ray, pharmacy, and lab facility in the same building. So, don’t delay your medical care due to fear of exposure to COVID. There’s a facility open seven days a week, right in your neighbourhood, that can help you and your loved ones. 

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