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Orléans Brewing Co. – OBC

Join us as we get up close and personal with another Heart of Orleans business and introduce you to the people behind the companies! Here are their stories.

Business Name: Orléans Brewing Co. – OBC

Owner(s) Name(s)* : Yann and Celia Lemieux

Address*: 4380 Innes Rd.  Orléans, On, K4A 3W3

Phone number: 613-830-8428

Website: www.OBCbeer.com

Email: [email protected]

How long have you been in business? When did you open your business in the Heart of Orléans?

5 years this June!

How did you manage to survive the past 2 years, during the Pandemic?

Thankfully, the Orléans and surrounding Ottawa communities were amazing to us! As soon as the pandemic hit, Celia was able to put our store online and we started selling beer and offering free delivery, immediately. Our facility also has a huge patio with a nice tent to shelter our guests from the rain, and some patio tables to soak in the sun while enjoying cold beer and wood burning flatbreads!

Any plans for expansions or reduction of service?

We are hoping to have our new kitchen redesign competed for by July. Our patio, which is surrounded by vegetables and herbs that make it to every dish we make, has become a popular spot and our mini kitchen makes it hard to keep up with the demand. We also introduced in January, a deli sandwich bar with daily sliced cold cuts and vegetables. We use Portuguese buns from a local bakery.

Would you recommend a business to open its door in the Heart of Orléans? Why?


What else would you like us to know? (Tell us a little more about yourself or business. What made you decide on your industry? Is there a personal story you’d like to share? What would you tell us so we get to know the face(s) behind the business a little better.)

Yann was also turning 40 and Celia decided to help him out with his midlife crisis and chose him a new career before he could choose a new wife, haha. But seriously, Yann has been a beer lover and creator since the age of – lets say a very young age – and had always dreamed of opening up his own space. A few years back, due to a life-changing event, the time just seemed right to jump in feet first. We searched for over two years, abroad and in Ottawa, for the perfect spot, and finally landed on it in 2016. Founders, Yann and Celia’s desire to build a brewery was about more than just making great beer, it was about creating a great space to share experiences. Since day one, OBC’s goal has been to present you with reliably delightful beer that can contribute positively to life’s precious moments, and serve them in a cheerful, communal environment. Beer is at the center of everything we do, and a few core values of our vision: • the desire to continue pushing boundaries of experimentation with innovation • the passion of beer history and bringing back old and forgotten recipes. • focusing on hospitality by offering a wide range of beer styles so everyone can find their own bison. And, behind every beer poured is a curated food menu item that focuses on community. Whether it is a way of gathering our neighbours or supporting our local farmers and small businesses, we try to showcase the freshest and best ingredients in everything we do.