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How Orléans is flattening the curve of economic recovery

For over 65 years, the Conference Board of Canada, based in Ottawa, has provided important insights and data to the business community. 

They have responded to COVID-19 with the same analytical approach they always take in their most recent Impact Paper: COVID-19 and Uncertainty to Flatten the Curve of Economic Recovery. And, the news is not all bad. In fact, the report states, “Canada’s economy bounced back in recent months following the economic plunge sparked by the COVID-19-related shutdown in March and April.” 

In the Heart of Orléans, there have been a couple business closures. But, for the most part, businesses have pivoted and seen some promising results. And, there have been a number of brave entrepreneurs: Eight new businesses have opened during COVID-19, including four restaurants, two cannabis stores, and two women’s beauty-related businesses.

The Heart of Orléans has welcomed many of the government employees to their new workplace – from home. This means they are now shopping, dining, and running errands in Orléans and our small business owners are enjoying this new consumer habit.

One of the important things that has happened during COVID is the “pivot”. There is a pivot in buying habits by consumers but also, very importantly, by businesses in response to consumer habit changes: 

  • Online shopping – Some business owners say they have had plans to build an online store in the works for some time and this has allowed them to finally find the time and reason to make the transition.  
  • Home delivery – For example, some restaurants are delivering now and it’s not just prepared food from their menu. They have also become delivery service providers for groceries. It’s on brand and was a quick and natural pivot for them since they are working with food suppliers on a regular basis. 
  • Curbside Pick-up – This is like having a drive-through but not for food. Customers remark on how convenient it is. 
  • Online Chat/virtual meetings – For service-based (rather than product-based) businesses, virtual meetings have become a lifeline. And, in a win-win scenario, a number of service-based companies are offering free consultations. These are brief Q&As that are being offered by some bookkeeping, marketing, and coaching companies, for example. 

The most recent shutdown in Ottawa, mandated by our Premier, has had an impact on some of the businesses. But, overall, we are encouraged by an upward swing and hope that will continue as residents in the area continue to shop local.