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Budget highlights 2023


  1. Affordability: Helping Canadians feel the pinch of inflation
  • Lowering Credit Card Fees: Last fall, we announced that our government would work to lower transaction fees for hard-working Canadian small businesses. In Budget 2023, our government is announcing that we have reached an agreement with Visa and MasterCard to lower credit card fees up to 27%. This reduction will help small businesses save $1 billion over the next 5 years.
  • Grocery Rebate: We know that Canadians are facing high inflation and record costs of living. In Budget 2023, we have introduced a one-time Grocery Rebate, providing Canadians with $2.5 billion in targeted inflation relief to Canadians who need it most.
  1. Transition to the Green Economy: Powering Clean Growth and Good Jobs

We are also providing $500 million to the Strategic Innovation Fund to support the development and application of clean technologies in Canada.

Other notable highlights: