Heart of Orléans BIA

Firm of the Future

From the first moment you step into the Bookkeeping Bureau, you know this is not your typical accounting firm.

Your first hint may be the beautiful original art on the walls. Or, maybe it’s the stylish décor with splashes of trendy colors and lots of sunlight streaming in through the windows.

But most likely it’s the way they approach the work they do, adding value by using the latest technology and reporting tools to make the biggest impact on their clients’ decision-making processes.

When you speak with Chief Operating Officer, Todd Muise and hear about the approach they take, you will be convinced that you have landed smack dab in the center of a state-of-the-art financial company.

Muise enthuses, “Culture is the biggest multiplier in terms of our work here at the Bookkeeping Bureau. We stay on top of technology and constantly train our staff. We leverage financial technology – FINTECH – to make sure we can provide real time data and analysis to our customers allowing them to make better, informed, decisions in real time.”

The financial technology they use includes cloud services, artificial intelligence, and big data based on applications that communicate with each other through APIs.  All of this is based in a bank-level security ecosystem to make sure your data is always locked down.

Muise continues, “With our processes, we shift accounting from a ‘post mortem’ – a hindsight – activity months after transactions have taken place to one that occurs in real time – insight. In business, timing can be everything. By having information available on-the-go, we can provide analysis, benchmarking, and advice on scaling, and help clients through important discussions about sales channels and how to leverage financing for future activities – foresight.”

You can see how this can be helpful for cash flow, for deciding where to open your next branch, and for juggling just-in-time inventory needs.

The Bookkeeping Bureau started out 20 years ago when CEO and Founder Eric Sicotte – a born and bred Orléans resident – started the firm from his home office. The company expanded considerably over time to two locations. Then, more recently, the teams consolidated under one roof on St-Joseph Boulevard.

Company culture is important to the Bookkeeping Bureau. They seek to employ team members who are as focused on thinking and analyzing as they are on performing their work. That is to say, the team is encouraged to find ways to help clients by providing timely advice and commentary in their financial management reporting packages– which could save a lot of money and/or bring in new streams of revenue for their clients – and that’s as important as reconciling bank accounts and printing out a P&L statement.

With more than 20 staff members, Todd, with his background as an entrepreneur, plays an important role in human resources and building company culture. With artwork on the wall by Ottawa artist, Julian Garner from Five Cents Tattoo, a café-like atmosphere in the large, roomy, and fully-equipped kitchen (no eating at your desk!), and a serious vibe of fun, the Bookkeeping Bureau is an awesome place to work.

Many of the Bookkeeping Bureau’s clients leverage their Advisory and Virtual CFO services and CFO Michael McMahon brings years of experience in that sector along with bona fides as a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) and, of course, there are his Newfoundland roots – always a welcome addition to the team and culture.

So, if you are looking for a firm that goes beyond the “bean counters” role and brings true value to the table, check out the Bookkeeping Bureau for their modern approach, advisory services, and value-added mindset. You’ll be glad you did.