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Cybersecurity for entrepreneurs: How to help secure your business against fraud 15-minute read

In a recent blog post that Sara Anvari Vice President, Chief Information Security Officer at BDC

She indicates that the average cost of a data breach is $7,000 per year for a Canadian Business. Things are not getting any better . Despite the rising frequency, severity and cost of cybercrimes, many Canadian businesses haven’t made managing cyber risks a priority.

As online attacks of high-profile companies make the news, you may feel like your smaller business can fly below the radar. But with less robust defences, you are a primary target for cybercriminals who hack their way into your system to make a quick profit, steal valuable personal information or gain access to the systems of larger partner organizations.

Businesses can fall prey to a variety of data loss incidents or system breaches. Cybercriminals frequently send phishing emails, hoping that employees will click on them. This allows them to gain access to a company’s systems and all the sensitive information they can find.

Protecting your business from online fraud and cyberattacks is to be proactive so as to prepare yourself to recognize threats and take action.

More resources to help protect your company’s data

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