Heart of Orléans BIA

COVID helps residents to #shoplocal

A friend recently described COVID-19 as a roller coaster ride. They suspected they had it. They were tested and discovered they didn’t have it. Their parents contracted it. They recovered. They ate too much. But, because they’re not commuting, they’re working out more. They can’t meet for in-person dates after meeting people on an app. But they reconnected with an old flame and they’re now having a long-distance zoom relationship. So. Many. Emotions.

It’s also affected their pocketbook. Some of their retirement investments are doing better than ever. But they’re working fewer hours than before so making less money. So, the roller coaster ride continues.

This applies to the Heart of Orléans BIA, too. A couple of businesses have closed down. On the other hand, eight or nine businesses have opened during the pandemic and they are mostly doing well.

One of the bonuses of COVID-19 for Orléans is that residents, many of them bilingual government workers, normally work downtown. Because they are now working from home, they are finding out about the many small businesses along St-Joseph Boulevard.

Tannis Vine, Executive Director of the Heart of Orléans BIA, says, “We are thrilled that so many locals are discovering what we already know: that Orléans has a treasure trove of amazing shops, services, and restaurants. We have heard from many residents and they plan on continuing this trend, post-COVID.”If you are seeking goods and services close by, you can check out the handy directory of local businesses on the Heart of Orléans BIA website. You’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for in a business that’s close to home.