Heart of Orléans BIA

Boucherie D’Orléans/ Orléans Meat Market

The Village of Orléans in the 1950s was mostly beautiful, productive farmland. On the main street, businesses thrived with the patronage of local farmers. 

One of those prosperous businesses was Orléans Meat Market located at 2871 St-Joseph Boulevard. The property had been acquired by Victor Lacroix from the Bisebois family and, at one time, he employed over 10 staff members.

Victor passed the business to his son, Ernest. Like his father, Ernest was very keen on providing healthy food to their loyal clients. 

Sanitation was very important to both Victor and Ernest and, as was done in those days, their favorite cleaning agent was sawdust spread all over the floor.

In 1969, Ernest retired and closed the Meat Market in 1969. Today, it remains a prime business location “on the boulevard” in the Heart of Orléans.