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Body, Mind, Spirit: Feeling better in every way

Another of our old post for previous years, but now more than ever we need to keep a healthy mind and soul to fight this pandemic!

Ask folks who have practiced Tai Chi about it and you will see them relax right before your very eyes. That’s how strong it is. Just the mention of it can bring down stress levels in people who know its wonderful power. 

Even watching someone practice Tai Chi can bring relaxation to the uninitiated. There is something about the graceful movements, especially when they’re done in unison in a group, and the sublimely relaxed looks on the practitioners’ faces that can stop you in your tracks and you may even find yourself relaxing your muscles and breathing more deeply. 

Body, mind, spirit – Tai Chi aims to bring these three elements together in harmony and alignment. Tai Chi reportedly improves balance and posture and stimulates the cardiorespiratory and neurological systems while it strengthens muscles, bones, and the immune system and soothes joint pain. 

To put it plainly: Tai Chi will help you feel better in every way. And, it’s good for you. 

There are a few places in Orléans you can give it a try: MIFO holds classes a few times during the week. You can also take lessons at the Bob MacQuarrie Recreation Complex and/or the Fung Loy Kok Taoist Tai Chi Centre holds lessons at 1111 Orléans Boulevard. 

Wherever you go to take lessons, get ready to feel better on every level!