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Balance Orléans

Bringing Balance to Orléans

Balance Orléans was an initiative in 2018, to raise awareness of the disparity in major employers in Orléans, with the goal of ending the disproportionate lack of federal government jobs in Orléans and realizing a new redevelopment plan for Orléans. The Balance Orléans Task Force was comprised of local leaders in the Orléans business community, with a view to encouraging our community to speak out to our political leaders that Orléans need to thrive as a dynamic, economically strong community as the rest of the national capital region is doing.

By the Numbers

The federal government is Ottawa’s largest employer; however, Orléans has less than 50 federal jobs – that’s less than one-half of one percent: Federal Employees by Place of Work 2012 Employés fédéraux par lieu de travail pour 2012


And although Orléans boasts one the most educated and bilingual communities in Ottawa, we export most of our workforce every day. That’s a lost opportunity when light rail arrives in Orléans: Traffic Patterns, Morning Commute 2016 Mouvements de la circulation, la navette du matin pour 2016:

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