Heart of Orléans BIA

Attached at the Root

Rosanne Janega first approached the Heart of Orléans BIA to see if we can help find a venue to host a live event for her company Attached at the Root. Attached at the Root is a company that provides professional workshops and hosts group events related to attachment and childhood development. The company was established in May, 2021.  At this point,  Rosanne is busy hosting chat groups and events and facilitating workshops, however, the next step is to create attachment theory-based credit courses for mental health and education professionals as well as downloadable content on her website.

The company was created last year as a resource based company with virtual workshops for two school boards. Now, as the events are taking place in person, it is time to expand the scope to include more live events and hopefully obtain  an office space for meetings. 

Rosanne has lived in Orleans for almost 20 years and she is proud to call this tight knit community home. She says, “There aren’t many times you have to leave the area of Orleans to find what you are looking for. Everything is right here. Local patrons are loyal to their communities and local businesses.”  

Rosanne has worked in the mental health industry for approximately 8 years. After having her three kids, she quit her job and started a whole new career. She went back to school, worked for the school board as a Social Emotional Coach and now she works for CHEO She founded Attached at the Root because of her passion for learning about trauma, child development and attachment theory.  She is so excited to begin this fulfilling chapter in her life and we are happy to have her as an associate member of the Heart of Orléans BIA