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Art is in Bloom at Stoneblossom Floral Gallery

One look at Stoneblossom’s selection of stunning bouquets will tell you there’s something special about this little floral gallery in the Heart of Orléans. For six years, owners and artists Lynette Deir Mullen and Mike Mullen have been creating luscious bouquets overflowing with life. Expanding from the small house Stoneblossom started in, they grew to their current location on St-Joseph Boulevard, which has enough room for Lynette to also house her studio for mixed media painting. 

Fine art is the cornerstone of Stoneblossom, as both Lynette and Mike come from art backgrounds. All their florists are fine arts educated, and bring a keen eye for color and movement that’s entirely unique to Stoneblossom. Every one of their bouquets is crafted with a commitment to showcase flowers in all their beauty, which is often a rare find in North America.

Their passion for flowers goes beyond just their arrangement. Every bouquet is crafted to speak to the individual receiving the flowers. Whether it’s wedding flowers, memorial arrangements, or a Valentine’s gift for your partner, Stoneblossom’s goal is to take their breath away. 

Undoubtedly part of what makes these flowers so stunning is the owners’ commitment to having the freshest flowers delivered every morning (they don’t even have a flower fridge). And in addition to having fresh off the market flowers, Stoneblossom’s staff teach you how to care for your new flowers to ensure they live as long as they possibly can. Their wide variety of botanicals means you get a truly unique bouquet, and to ensure the safety of any nibbly tots or pets, the Stoneblossom staff teach flower safety regarding your new arrangement.

Their dedication to quality and beauty has earned Stoneblossom a number of returning clients they consider family. It’s not uncommon for clients to drop by to say hello and have a coffee or a chat. The warmth and kindness they have seen from the community in St. Joseph is part of why Lynette and Mike love working in the Heart of Orleans.