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Are You a Localvore?

What is a localvore, exactly? I’m glad you asked. It’s someone who tries to consume food that’s grown locally. Think of popular books like The 100-Mile Diet and Food Matters

In our climate, it’s not realistic to eat locally all year, but summer is coming. To extend being a localvore, we also celebrate shopping, dining, and frequenting services that are as local as possible.

Frequenting local businesses has a big economic impact. Small businesses help drive local economies. In Canada, small and medium enterprises provide jobs for 9 out of 10 Canadians in the private sector. And when businesses thrive, their tax dollars help improve our community.

When you frequent a local business – a farm, a restaurant, a service – more money stays right in the community. An American study on the impact of small business found shopping local means about 67 cents of every dollar stays in the community. In addition, for every dollar spent locally, it creates another 50 cents in economic impacts for the community. 

In part this is because small local businesses tend to purchase their supplies locally, hire local staff, and give back directly to community groups and projects.

How can you be a localvore this year? We hope you gained some inspiration in these pages! Take a trip to the local farm, buy local honey, attend our Orléans festivals this summer, and check out our Orléans breweries and nearby wineries. Enjoy dinner at one of our unique restaurants, and then take in show at the Shenkman Arts Centre. The possibilities are endless.