Heart of Orléans BIA

5 Great Meals in the BIA

The Heart of Orléans BIA is home to over fifty restaurants. How does one choose what to eat when there are so many great options for a delicious meal in the BIA? We love to try out different meals and restaurants constantly. We’re going to be profiling some tasty meals the BIA has to offer in each edition of The Beat. The list could be infinite, however we’re starting with a few of the BIA staff’s favourites. Please let us know if you try these meals! Here are a few of the endless options to pick from. 


  1. Hidden Taste – Chana masala (flavorful chick peas cooked with onion base Masala sauce) with rice and garlic naan
  2. St. Martha’s Brasserie – Saumon tartare (pacific salmon tossed in a light fresh marinade served with crostini and cucumber slices)
  3. Soul Stone Grill and Bar – Sashimi Maki combination
  4. Delicious Steakhouse – Steak forestière (6oz filet mignon, caramelized onions, roasted portobello, fresh cream
  5. Little Turkish Village – Dinner for two (traditional turkish salad, assortment of 6 charcoal grilled brochettes of beef, shish tavuk, shish, kofte, shish kebab and shrimp, includes rice and potato wedges

Send us a message of what your favourite meal is and we’ll include it in our next edition. Bon appetit!