Heart of Orléans BIA

10 Reasons NOT to Hate the LRT

We are all aware that Light Rail Transit is a very sensitive subject – especially to commuters who spend a big part of their day traveling back and forth to the office or school from Orléans.


Despite the difficulties with the system, we would like to point out some of the more positive aspects of gaining 4 new LRT stations in the Heart of Orléans BIA: 


  1. We are the very first suburb to receive the LRT. This is largely due to the number of people in Orléans using public transit today. This is something to be proud of.
  2. The LRT is a positive end to many long years of putting up with potholes, construction and road closures. Did we mention potholes?
  3. Each one of the 4 stations has a character of its very own providing different options for the commuter. For example, the Jeanne D’Arc Station is located at the crossing of Highway 174 and Jeanne d’Arc Boulevard. This station will be served by two fare-controlled entrances located on either side of Jeanne d’Arc Boulevard and has 40 bike parking spaces. Compare that to the Trim Station which has a bus terminal and large park and ride area with the capacity for 1,100 cars for those coming from surrounding rural areas and heading downtown.
  4. Since the LRT has its own pathway, it leaves the roads less congested meaning less maintenance required on roads and more importantly less pollution in our city.
  5. Orléans has the highest percentage of bilingual civil servants in all of Ottawa, and despite wanting to keep them working in Orléans, some are required to go into the office a couple of times a week. Taking a reliable LRT system saves commute time and money when it comes to downtown parking costs. It can even have a positive impact on mental health not having to worry about driving and/or getting stuck in traffic.
  6. LRT riders can easily take their bikes and either park them at the stations or take them right on the train if their destination is not near a station. This saves mileage and maintenance on cars and perhaps even the number of cars required per household.
  7. We have a huge opportunity to get more people to our festivals and events from other parts of the city. Think of the people that might attend the Orléans Craft Beer Festival but don’t want to drive home after consuming an adult beverage or two. The Place D’Orléans LRT stop is just a hop, skip and a jump away!
  8. With LRT, comes new development around the stations. We have started to see more applications for mixed use spaces in Orléans come into the city of Ottawa for approval. New development means employment, customers and an improved economy. 
  9. If you are a foodie, there are 47 places to grab a bite along the 4 Km stretch that we call the Heart of Orléans BIA – some are award winning restaurants. Start discovering these little gems and write your reviews to attract other foodies from around the city.
  10. From statistics collected, we know that there were at least 8,100 people working from home in Orléans during the pandemic. This made for a more prosperous and active small business community in the Heart of Orleans BIA. Over 30 new businesses opened their doors during COVID-19 and the Heart of Orléans continues to grow today. That said, times have changed. The federal employees are no longer going west to work every day so there is a huge opportunity to get people coming east on the LRT to visit businesses, stay in hotels and take in some of the sights such as Petrie Island which increases tourism and our economy. 


So despite the frustrations with Stage 1 of the LRT, we have high hopes that the kinks will be worked out by 2025 and the Orléans community can take full advantage of Stage 2 Light Rail Transit.