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Working out the kinks

When your car is misaligned, you take it to the garage to straighten it out and, all of a sudden, your ride is smoother, your tires wear evenly, and your steering no longer “pulls”.

It’s the same with your body. When its mechanics are not functioning properly, you may visit a chiropractor and, before long, your jogging is smoother, your feet and back feel “right”, and your balance is better. The bonus for us humans (as opposed to your car) is that we may find we are no longer in pain.

That is the beauty of chiropractic, a specialty that Dr. Charbonneau has been practicing for 43 years, helping the residents of Orleans and the greater Ottawa area regain strength and agility while reducing (or eliminating) their pain.

Long-time patient Diane George-Wiggins states, “Dr. Charbonneau has helped me through various periods in my life and I have recommended him many times to others. I’m very happy to see that his practice is now in the hands of Dr. Eric Caron, who will continue to serve the area as well as Dr. Charbonneau did.”

Dr. Charbonneau started his practice in 1977 and moved only once in order to build his own clinic on St-Joseph Boulevard in Orleans. He purchased the land that the historic Dupuis House was on and he arranged to preserve it. Due to his thoughtful forethought, you can see Dupuis House at the Cumberland Museum.

Dr. Charbonneau’s approach and care philosophy is that the spine and the nervous system are interrelated and are absolutely critical to good health. He believes that health and prevention go hand-in-hand and that the Neuro-Spinal system should be maintained from birth and through every age and stage of life.

He is now ready for a well-deserved retirement and he plans to dedicate more time to his hobbies such as painting, playing hockey, cross country skiing, cycling, swimming, vegetarian cooking, and meditating.

He is passing on his approach and philosophy to Dr. Eric Caron. Born and bred in Orleans, Dr. Caron studied and acquired his Bachelor of Science at the University of Ottawa and did his Doctorate in Chiropractic at the New York Chiropractic College. He’s thrilled to be back in Orleans. With two years of experience under his belt, in addition to the training with Dr. Charbonneau, Dr. Caron is ready to be the lead practitioner at the practice, starting on September 22.

It is very important to Dr. Charbonneau and Dr. Caron that they create a smooth and seamless transition so patients will be well taken care of.

Like many chiropractors, Dr. Caron was attracted to the field when he sustained a significant injury. In his case, it was snowboarding and he fractured a few vertebrae. After enduring a fair amount of pain, chiropractic treatment worked and had him back on his feet in a relatively short amount of time.

What he likes best about chiropractic? “The little miracles. Those are the best. When a new patient comes in and they’ve been struggling with an issue and you are able to resolve it for them, it is a very satisfying feeling,” he states.

He adds, “I’ve got very big shoes to fill and I’m very excited about the practice. Dr. Charbonneau has an incredible patient base. I’m feeling very lucky to be a part of this practice and this community.”