Heart of Orléans BIA

Why Become an Associate Member

Hi, my name is Lucie and I am a Heart of Orleans BIA associate member!

I became involved in the BIA when another member needed help with writing human resources related articles for the Small Business ToolBOX located on the Heart of Orléans BIA’s website.  I discovered a world of possibilities with the BIA and I was impressed by their dedication, creativity and leadership! Did you know that the BIA is run by two amazing individuals? Tannis Vine, is the Executive Director and Rita Chalabi is Marketing and Member Engagement Liaison and they are both employees of the BIA office. Between them and the volunteer board of management, they provide so much support, various business resources, communication, networking events and more for the businesses in Orléans! Their devotion to the cause is exemplary!

But what did the BIA do for me, you ask? I started my human resources consulting business in January 2023. I immediately became an associate member and started to benefit from the privileges associated with my membership. I gained exposure in the community by being added to their directory, featured on their social media platforms and webpage, I connected with other businesses that helped me start my business, and I met amazing business owners with whom I could share and learn from! It created a sense of community for me! 

Here is how it went for me… 

  1. Cathy Priestman from CP Business Solutions reached out to me to create human resources content.  I started writing content and became known for my HR expertise
  2.  The BIA reached out to me to work with me to bring even more great HR content to the businesses. 
  3. I was so inspired by what they were doing that I became an associate member and involved in the Member Engagement committee where I met Todd Muise, chair of the Member Engagement committee and Principal and COO of the Bookkeeping Bureau in the Heart of Orléans. 
  4. I needed an accountant, so I became their client for my business. 
  5.  I also needed a lawyer for my business so Todd introduced me to Denis Sicotte at Sicotte Guilbault who helped me with my legal needs – and the story continues…. 


I never imagined how many valuable connections and referrals I was able to make in the close knit business community in the BIA!

Are you interested in learning more? Please check the BIA’s website or contact the BIA directly and someone from the team will meet with you to discuss the great benefits of belonging to an amazing community of local business owners right here, in your own neighbourhood.