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The Small Business Revival

In a world where multinational corporations and cookie cutter box-stores have become the growing trend in the business world, it’s nice to know that in a community as progressive as Orléans that local business is alive and well.  ShopStJoseph.ca and the Heart of Orléans are striving to bring attention to the diverse array of specialty shops and boutiques located along St. Joseph blvd. and bring the focus back to local businesses in the area.
St. Joseph has always been the centre of the Orleans community, and as time goes on, and our area expands, we continue to lead the way in providing the best opportunities for shoppers and business owners to receive and offer the best service, quality of product, and hands on approach to shopping in the area.
When you consider the growth that our community has seen over the last 40 years, the one constant has been that people look to our area for their consumer needs.  Supporting your local businesses is pivotal to the growth of our community, and helps forge the strong identity that Orléans has become known for throughout the Ottawa area.
Supporting your local business means:

  • Face to face contact with the owner operator – No regional managers or multi-tiered corporate management;
  • Specialized services that aren’t offered at your average box store – We might not have everything under the sun in one store, but we have EVERYTHING YOU NEED at the right store;
  • Focus on improving our community through entrepreneurship and improving the local job market – We live and work in your community so we look to improve your community;
  • Environmental sustainability – You can find everything in one convenient location, cutting down on driving across town looking for the right deal.  In addition, local businesses are efficient in their waste of materials, resulting in less garbage and pollution;
  • Personalized treatment – You’re treated like a person because you ARE a person, not a number.

Be sure to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, check out our Youtube channel, and be sure to check back at this website for the latest news, deals, blogs and profiles for some of the great products and services being offered in Orléans.  It’s time to bring the focus back to the local entrepreneur.  It’s time to stop being treated like a number, and start being treated like a person. Welcome back to the new St. Joseph blvd.