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The results are in!

Thank you to those who have completed our BIA survey. We are always looking for ways to improve and grow and this helps us do just that! We were pleased to learn that most of you like what you see so far and we look forward to growing as an organization even further in the years to come! Please click here to see a detailed presentation on both the results of our Member Survey and Community Survey. It is interesting to compare the results side by side.

The Coles Notes version (Yes… we’re THAT old…) of the results are:

  • Both members and the community described a marked improvement in the BIA.
  • The need to raise awareness of the BIA’s role continues to be a priority.
  • Our communication (newsletter, magazine and website) all rated extremely well. 
  • We need to continue our work on increasing member engagement. (just over 10% of our members completed the survey)
  • Both groups identified the desire for “how to” and “Did you know” information.
  • Both groups appreciate the beautification efforts made but are anxious to see some larger government funded items such as the revitalization of St-Joseph.
  • Both groups enjoy local events but it was identified that they all occur on the east end of the district.

For the detailed results, please click on the above link or the picture below. Again thank you for sharing your insight. Your voice matters.