Heart of Orléans BIA

The Massage and Treatment Clinic takes an integrated approach to your health

Just when you think there is no “cure” for your aches and pains, The Massage and Treatment Clinic in Orléans comes to the rescue. Owners Amanda-Lyn Smith and Julie Tessier-Woodcock have created an integrated community of practitioners who work together to help each person on their road to optimal health.

When Registered Massage Therapists Amanda and Julie joined forces in 2003, their dream was to create a clinic offering Massage therapy services and provide integrated treatment plans with Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners. Together, they would create a clinic that would, through the use of several healing “modalities”, get to the core of clients’ issues to find the most effective treatment approach. This often takes a combination of the skillsets they offer at The Massage and Treatment Clinic.

In a time when medical practice often relies on medicines and surgery, it’s refreshing to see a clinic that focuses on self-care and non-invasive techniques. In fact, Amanda and team are going beyond the walls of their clinic and working with other health providers. For example, they are working with Orléans-based dental hygienists to train them in ways to help their patients who have chronic teeth-grinding and TMJ issues. This circumvents the need for medication or surgery and places the patients at the centre of their own healing process.

At The Massage and Treatment Clinic, practitioners also use cutting-edge, state of the art equipment such as cold laser, ultrasound, and TENS (electrotherapy). “We reinvest back in the clinic with technology we believe in and that we know will bring faster and more effective results,” states Amanda-Lyn. She knows this works from her own personal experience.

Last year, she and her daughter had an accident and suffered severe burns. They used cold laser treatments, a pain-free light therapy, to encourage healing at a cellular level and reducing scar tissue and speeding up the rate of healing. True to their integrate approach, they also used acupuncture for pain management without medication. “The recovery of my daughter and I was sped up by these techniques and we are so grateful for this.” 

The supportive, empathetic, and integrated approach in their clinic means that, on any given day, they will work with a diverse range of needs including sciatic pain, injuries from car accidents, pregnancy, chronic pain, sports injuries, working with all ages, abilities, and conditions.

The Massage and Treatment Clinic is a great place for you to seek out practitioners who will listen to your needs and work together – with you and each other – to create the best treatment outcomes.