Heart of Orléans BIA

Spring 2020

Volume : 5 ,
Issue : 1

Welcome to the first 2020 edition of The Beat!

We are always aiming to find more effective and strategic ways to serve our community and our members. As a result, as you may recall, we undertook community consultations last year and hired both a strategic planner and a marketing expert to develop our long-term strategy and marketing plan. Thank you to the members who participated! This is, of course, an ongoing process and we always welcome input from members of the BIA and from the community-at-large. We have some very exciting work ahead of us in the BIA. 

During the first quarter of the year, we have been hard at work building a brand new website that we hope better serves our members and the community. Please let us know what you think once it goes live at the end of March.

We have also been out and about visiting with members, listening to your concerns and excellent suggestions. If you are located in the Heart of Orléans BIA district and would like us to stop in, please let us know! We plan to put many faces to names this year by visiting each and every business in the BIA.

This year, we have decided to make a few changes to The Beat and publish it quarterly. This issue is all about finance. I know… exciting, right? However, you will learn about budgeting tricks and tax tips as well as understanding the pros and cons of incorporation vs. sole proprietorship straight from expert businesses in our BIA. You will also notice some of the regular pieces like “What’s Up Orléans” where you see the upcoming events as well as a couple of new additions to The Beat such as “The Beat Goes On” and “In the District”. 

I hope you enjoy this first edition of 2020.

Tannis Vine
Executive Director