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Sweet things

Now More than ever is the best time to support our local farmers!!!!!

This article was published in the Beat over 2 years ago and it feels so relevant today.

When we caught up with Mélissa Proulx, fourth generation owner of Proulx Farm, it was the middle of the yummiest time of the year: Maple syrup season. Each year, until April 15, visitors to the farm enjoy 100% pure maple syrup.

Proulx Farm now offers “taffy on snow”, one of the most popular treats of the season. Mélissa notes, “The instant someone mentions maple syrup, people’s eyes just begin to glow and their mouths start to water.” Talk about an instant sugar rush!

In 1920, Mélissa’s great-grandfather, Napoleon, purchased the farm. Then, 30 years later, his son and daughter-in-law, Gérard and Pauline Proulx, opened a sugar shack, serving pancakes to go along with their tasty maple syrup.

In addition to their other maple syrup delicacies, they’ve added something to their offerings that will make maple syrup lovers think they’re in heaven: melt-in-your-mouth maple cotton candy. (If you missed it this year, don’t worry – you can put a reminder in your calendar and get it next April!)

After the maple syrup, come the strawberries. Depending on the weather, the season generally begins on June 15. Guests can ride a wagon and head out to the fields to pick their own berries. Or, you can find Proulx Farms’ berries at local farmers’ markets, in Cumberland and in Vanier at the Beechwood Farmers Market, and at local food stands located at Innes and Trim.

When Mélissa took over the family’s business, she wanted to do what previous generations have done by creating a new offering that is completely her “baby”. She began to host weddings! She books only one wedding per weekend. That way she can devote her time and energy to helping one couple at a time by offering a fun and relaxed opportunity to make your special day as unique and personal as you would like it to be. Many couples have now enjoyed the custom care that Mélissa and her team provide in their beautiful natural setting.

On Sundays, the farm often hosts corporate events and birthday parties. Guests are encouraged to enjoy the entire day at the farm as they offer catered meals and fly bars which create a very relaxing atmosphere. Melissa mentions their giant bicycles, meant for adult racing, have become a very popular activity – and workout.

So what are you waiting for? Come visit The Proulx Maple and Berry Farm for a day full of fresh food and fun.