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Spicing up date night with Chili Thai Take-Out

Tima Thamniyom ran a catering business for years and years, though owning a restaurant seemed like a pipe dream to her. But when the cozy spot that housed the original OCCO Kitchen Take-Out became available, she realized this could be her chance.

Part of that dream was to create an atmosphere as if she were inviting you into her own home.

So, the food had to be tasty but also nutritious and made from healthy ingredients. She uses no MSG and very little white sugar in her recipes. She has opted for using natural unbleached sugar (from sugar cane) and palm sugar – which are much trickier to cook with. But definitely worth it.

That sense of homey-ness extends to the staff, too. She asked three of her closest and oldest friends to join her when she opened Chili Thai Take-Out. That’s reflected in a real conviviality and warmth that the restaurant – and everyone who works there – exudes.

Since opening in April 2019, the restaurant has enjoyed a steady stream of diners coming to enjoy her fresh, high quality, from-scratch food which she has been testing over the years.

“I’m very happy people enjoy the food here,” she states. “I feel good when people who have digestive problems and can’t eat elsewhere, can eat well here. Because they’re our guests – not just ‘customers’.”

Tima first came to Canada in the mid-90s and worked as a nanny. She would cook for the family sometimes and they loved her food. Before she knew it, she had a small catering business, making Thai food for friends of the family she provided childcare for.

When asked about how she decided on the name she answers with a smile, “A Thai chili is small but very spicy and powerful. Just like my restaurant.”

The restaurant was built on love and generosity as, shortly after taking possession, she discovered she needed to make many changes and upgrades to suit her cuisine and ambience. These changes quickly added up making the budget almost unachievable and with the opening day looming, Tima was concerned.

But it was the amazing, combined generosity of her community – her landlord, the owner of OCCO Kitchen, her partner and friends, and an expert handyman – that supported her in the updates and upgrades – and the décor – that she needed to fulfill her dream.

When you’re planning your next night in, snuggled next to your honey to watch a movie or binge on your favourite series, be sure to pick up some yummy, spicy fare from Chili Thai Take-Out. You’ll be glad you did!