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So much to love!

Looking for buttons? Wool N’ Things has an amazing selection of unique buttons for every type of project. 

Gisèle Goulet, Owner, Wool N’ Things, creates a friendly and welcoming atmosphere 

There is so much to love at Wool N’ Things that it’s hard to know where to start.

We’ll start with the obvious: the bounty of beautiful, colourful yarns. Yarns in every colour – whether it’s solid, speckled, plain, tonal, or a combination of all of these. There are also yarns in every fibre type – wool, silk, cotton, cashmere, alpaca, nylon, rayon, and hemp. And, they come from every corner of the globe. Recently, Wool N’ Things was invited to join the esteemed group of flagship stores for the prestigious line called Rowan Wools.

Owner Gisèle Goulet states, “Some people say I must just love coming to work every day because it’s like a candy shop in here with all the bright, mouthwatering colours! They’re absolutely right. I love it here and I love the great sense of community we have here in Orléans.”

Wool N’ Things started out as a retirement project for Gisèle and has grown into an amazing community. In fact – and here’s another thing to love – she is hosting the world-renowned knitting couple Arne and Carlos, who are designers, textile artists, and authors, well-known for their craft books and visually striking designs. They’ll be giving four lessons at her store on November 26 and 27. But you have to act fast to secure your place as one of the classes is already sold out!

Then, there are the many unique, interesting buttons. Some of them are fun shapes and colours for children. Others are quite elegant and striking. If you’re having trouble finding the perfect button for your sewing project, a trip to Wool N’ Things will be a tremendous help.

There is also the atmosphere. Gisèle is so friendly and welcoming that it immediately puts every visitor to the store at ease. If you’re stuck with your pattern, feel free to pop by and she’ll give you a hand. Or, join in the lessons or help out on one of the philanthropic activities Gisèle has on the go.

She supports a number of organizations across Ottawa and beams when speaking about the positive impact knitting has. In one of the programs for teens dealing with a number of issues, she shares the story of the young man who learned to identify when he was becoming angry and how he would go to his knitting to calm himself down.

In fact, there has been research that supports the theory of knitting as an activity that stimulates creativity, provides soothing meditation, encourages stress relief, and helps manage anger.

Gisèle notes that knitting has changed over the years. She states that more and more men are getting involved. She observes, “Many men are coming out of the ‘knitting closet’. And, the number of videos online have helped spark a knitting revival, especially among young folks.”

So, head on down to Wool N’ Things, grab a couple of needles and some yarn, and join the knitting revolution. You’ll be glad you did!