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Quick Pick

Quick Pick is a bin store retail chain and a new location opened in 2023 at 2651 St Joseph Blvd! The store specializes in selling overstock and returned items from the world’s largest online and wholesale retailers at undeniably tempting prices.

At Quick Pick, they believe that everyone should have access to valuable quality products at affordable prices. Their pricing policy is simple: every day, there’s one fixed price for each item in their bins, regardless of the item value. The price also drops every single day, and products are renewed every single week.

We asked owner Nader Atieh to tell us a little bit more about Quick Pick in Orléans:

“Quick Pick Orléans has a very unique concept, where everything in the store costs the same price each day. We restock Friday evenings to open with brand new inventory on Saturdays. As the inventory depletes, the price drops daily. What most people do not know is that Quick Pick is independently owned and operated. Being a small, family run business, we have heavily relied on the support of our family to operate. 

We offer products sourced from large retailers, many times at a fraction of the cost. Saturday mornings it is not uncommon to find items like computers, tablets, robot vacuums, furniture, and other high ticket items. Regardless of the item, the price is $25.99 on Saturday. 

Quick Pick Orléans gives our clientele the opportunity to support Small Local Business, while purchasing the same merchandise that they would find online at large retailers.

Our main focus is customer service. We have been welcomed into the Heart of Orléans by our customers as family, and we strive to welcome to our store in the same manner.”

We also asked what made Nader choose their current location and what they love most about the Heart of Orléans:

“We had been looking for quite some time for a location in Orléans that would accommodate the space needed to run such a business. When we discovered the location, it had quite a bit of work to be done, but we knew that it was the perfect spot. What we have loved most about the Heart of Orléans is the people. Everyone has been so friendly and welcoming.

We also always love knowing a little bit more about the business owners! We asked Nader if they have any interests or hobbies or anything about them that we wouldn’t know:

“When I am not working, I love to spend time fishing.”

Head on over to Quick Pick at 2651 St Joseph Blvd!