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Ottawa Tourism’s “Unofficial Museums”; here’s what you can find in Orléans

After living in Orléans for six years, Steffi Acevedo, local artist, decided to open her own art studio, ACE ARTE Studio. The studio offers a fun, creative space with classes and workshops for adults and kids alike.

“Sometimes art can be a little bit intimidating for some people, which is why I always emphasize that the studio is a really relaxed environment,” Acevedo says. “It’s a no-judgment zone and it’s filled with wonderful creative energy.” 

That’s why, when Acevedo saw that Ottawa Tourism is running an “Unofficial Museums” campaign, she knew she had to get involved — especially because she didn’t spot too many Orléans businesses on the roster yet. 

The campaign challenges the notion that Ottawa is a “city of museums”, by showcasing different locations, activities, and businesses as “unofficial” museums. 

“It’s something to showcase different local businesses, to get people excited about traveling to different parts of the city,” Acevedo says. “I thought my studio is a welcoming space for people to make it their destination for creativity.” Therefore Ace ARTE Studio will become the Unofficial Museum of Creativity.

As well as running ACE ARTE Studio, Acevedo owns a pottery business, and sells her ceramic wares both locally and internationally. “The Unofficial Museum initiative seemed like a good opportunity to showcase my business, just to find those little hidden gems in the city — like I’m hoping my business will become,” she says. 

Acevedo’s studio will be called the “Unofficial Museum of Creativity”. And after you swing by the studio for a visit, you’ll be a very short stroll away from The Turkish Village, which has been serving authentic Turkish food for 32 years. The chef uses locally-grown produce and meat to create aromatic dishes and delicious desserts for a fine-dining experience. Sunil Kurich took over the business six years ago. “It’s the only Turkish restaurant in Orléans or even within Ottawa, so it’s very unique,” he says. 

Kurich calls his the “The Unofficial Museum of authentic Turkish food”. By taking part in the campaign, he hopes to encourage more tourists to visit his neighbourhood and restaurant. “They can expect fine dining, excellent service, and exceptional food,” Kurich says. 

Would your business make a good Unofficial Museum? Let us know!