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Orleans Cumberland Community Resource Centre

Orleans Cumberland Community Resource Centre
Today’s blog is going to focus on the Orleans Cumberland Community Resource Centre, or the CRC. They are located at 240 Centrum Blvd. Their mission is simple- a bilingual non-profit organization committed to offering neighborhood based facilities and services that meet physical, emotional, social, economic and mental needs for all. They have been serving our residents since 1988.
I want to briefly touch on some of the resources they offer to the community each and every day. One of the programs they offer is the food bank, supplying food to an average of 472 people a month. This breaks down to 41% who are children and 59% who are adults. The food comes from donations, where the centre will raise an estimated $449,900 in food donations each year. The centre also has created a Christmas Hamper program where a “store” is set up for clients to come and “buy” products and have freedom on what they would like to choose. This program helped 16o families- that are 638 people in 2011.
The CRC also offers an Early Years Centre for young children and their parents or caregivers. This program has information on parenting, child development and milestones as well as speech and language, immunization and school readiness. The offer breastfeeding support for new moms and infant drop -ins for weight and baby well being. The program will be celebrating their 10th anniversary on Saturday October 21st. Visit www.ottawaoeyc10.blogspot.ca for more information on the event.
The last (but definitely not least) program I want to highlight is the Intake and Crisis Intervention sessions.  This allows residents to get help on income tax returns, receive short term individual, couples and family therapy. The School Supplies Program also provides students with a kit to start school as well as back packs filled with school supplies. In 2011, the program helped 162 students in the Orleans community.
I will be meeting with the Executive Director of the CRC next week to video him and some of his staff. They will further highlight some of the many great services and program. Be sure to watch for it.
For more information on CRC please visit their website at www.crcoc.ca or visit them at 240 Centrum Blvd unit 105 right here in Orleans.
** all information for this blog came from The Orleans Cumberland Community Resource Centre Annual Report,  the Community Bulletin and  Your Community Connection fact sheets.