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Join the Young Arts Leaders Collective!

When Arts Network Ottawa identified a gap in support for young, emerging artists and art administrators in Ottawa, they immediately set out to find a solution as their mission is to connect, champion and collaborate to bring resources together to build a thriving Ottawa arts community.

Before long, they supported the development of a new program and the Young Arts Leaders Collective was formed in September 2015.

The Collective’s mission is to provide professional services to young, emerging artists and arts administrators in Ottawa.This includes a mentorship program, networking opportunities, the dissemination of information, and communication to connect this group with each other and with other artists. 

You can see more about their activities by visiting their Facebook and Twitter pages. 

The Collective is a welcoming community and is always open to new members to engage and foster community, connecting individuals, developing relationships, and collaborating toward common goals. 

If this is of interest to you – or to the young artists or arts administrators in your life – you can find out more on the Arts Network Ottawa website.