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It's the Time of the Season…

We’ve been talking about springtime being upon us for the past couple of weeks, but (largely out of fear of jinxing it) the one thing that we’ve neglected to mention thus far is arguably the best part of the
season; the arrival of spring also means the arrival of the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs.
If you consider that many people never pegged our beloved Ottawa Senators to even make the playoffs this year, we should cherish this opportunity to bring our community closer together. While Orleans is
a tight knit community to begin with, there are very few things that bring people closer together than sports. If you think back to years like 2003 and 2007, Orleans (and indeed the city of Ottawa as a whole) was drawn together by the success of our home team’s playoff success and I suggest that this year will not be any different. Wave your flags from your cars, wear your jerseys and show your pride for your team and your community. This is reason to celebrate.
Now many people aren’t giving the Sens much of a chance of winning this year. I would suggest that they not only have a chance of winning, but I’m predicting it. Despite the fact that the Sens are in
a tough 8th vs 1st place series against the New York Rangers, there is a lot of evidence to prove that Ottawa’s chances aren’t as bad as people are thinking. With a great record on the road against the
Rangers, the outstanding play of guys like Jason Spezza and Erik Karlsson, the solid net minding of Craig Anderson and the impeccable leadership of the almighty Daniel Alfredson, the Sens have a great shot at coming out on top in this series, and if there’s one thing that we love here it’s a winner.
So I urge you fine people of Orleans to get out of your basements and step away from your 60” flat screens. Don your Ottawa Senators apparel (which you hopefully purchased at Lacroix Source for
Sports…) and watch the games with your fellow Senators brethren. Because as much fun as it is to watch your team win, it’s even more fun to watch it with other people.
St. Joseph Blvd has a wide variety of establishments that will be showing every game of the 2012 Playoffs on their High Definition televisions. In addition, many of those establishments are offering
drink and food specials on game nights, making a night out to watch the game a little more affordable (if not a lot more fun.)
So why not get out and celebrate the success of our team (or any other team you might cheer for) with other hockey fans? Who knows; you might make some new friends, enjoy some amazing food, and
hopefully celebrate some home team success. Bring on the Playoffs and Go! Sens! Go!