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Hobby Hideaway:Orléans’ Newest Gem for Hobby Enthusiasts

Welcome to Hobby Hideaway: Orléans’ Newest Gem for Hobby Enthusiasts

Orléans is known for its vibrant community and local businesses that add a unique charm to the area. Among the newest additions to our district is Hobby Hideaway, a haven for hobbyists and enthusiasts of all ages. Founded by Jeffrey Petch in March 2024, Hobby Hideaway brings a fresh and enthusiastic approach to the hobby shop scene.

A One-Stop Shop for All Hobby Needs

Located at 1455 Youville Dr, Unit 112, Hobby Hideaway offers an extensive range of products and activities for both beginners and seasoned hobbyists. Jeffrey Petch, the owner, combines his childhood passion for building with his professional expertise in retail management to create a truly unique experience. The store features a wide selection of RC vehicles, models, tools, and more, ensuring customers find exactly what they need under one roof.

Building Community Through Shared Interests

What sets Hobby Hideaway apart is its commitment to creating a community around shared interests. The store is not just about selling products; it’s about bringing people together. They host regular in-store events such as race nights and model-build competitions, which provide a fantastic opportunity for enthusiasts to connect, share, and compete in a friendly environment.

The Secret Sauce to Success

Jeffrey’s favourite part of running Hobby Hideaway is connecting people with their passions and introducing newcomers to the exciting world of hobbies. The store’s unique setup includes a mystery pop machine, demo products, and even a Mini Z race track, which adds to the fun and interactive shopping experience.

A Deep Connection to Orléans

Choosing to set up shop in Orléans was an easy decision for Jeffrey and his partner, who have grown to love the community’s supportive spirit and the friendships they’ve formed. Hobby Hideaway is a testament to their commitment to giving back to the community that has embraced them so warmly.

More Than Just a Store

Jeffrey Petch is not just a business owner; he’s a connector of people. His greatest talent lies in his ability to understand and relate to others, a skill that he brings to every interaction at Hobby Hideaway. Outside of business hours, he continues to engage with the community and enjoy the company of his neighbours.

Visit them Today

Whether you’re a seasoned hobbyist or new to RC cars and model building, Hobby Hideaway welcomes you to explore their products and join their community events. Visit them at 1455 Youville Dr, Unit 112 in Orléans, Ontario, and discover why they’re quickly becoming a favourite spot in the Heart of Orléans.

For more information, check them on social media FB @Hobby Hideaway /IG hobby.hideaway, contact them at [email protected] or you can drop by to see what’s new and exciting in the world of hobbies!

We hope you enjoyed learning about Hobby Hideaway. Stay tuned for more stories about the fantastic businesses that make the Heart of Orléans a special place to live, work, and play.