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Get Inspired at Boutique Arc-Ange-Ciel

In the busy world we live in we sometimes lose touch with our own inner sense of peace, love, and understanding. We can get pulled down into negativity. But there are powerful antidotes to this and one haven that provides many of them is right here in Orléans. 

After many years of discussion and conceptualizing, Marc and Jacinthe Parent opened Boutique Arc-Ange-Ciel, a place of positive energy. Originally, they were located in Montebello in Quebec and, after much success there, they moved to Orléans in 2013, in order to provide their products and services to a larger clientele. 

According to owners Marc and Jacinthe, Boutique Arc-Ange-Ciel is “a place to gain and/or to augment your knowledge of the spiritual world. In short, a path leading to the discovery of one’s inner self or the ‘deepest values and meanings by which people live’; connectivity with a larger reality, yielding to a more comprehensive self with other individuals or the human community, with nature or the cosmos or with the divine realm.” 

Marc and Jacinthe focus on three main groupings of products in their store. When you first enter the store, you see the beautiful and calming “House of Relaxation” with its stones and crystals, meditation tools, books, candles, and chakra-inspired products. 

Next, you will see the inspiring “Universe of Angels and Fairies” with figurines from the heavenly and fairy realm and accessories such as cards, pins, and calendars. 

Finally, you will wander into the part of the store with the awe-inspiring world of Aboriginals/First Nations where you can find dream catchers, items for smudging, tambour drums, collectibles, jewelry, clothing, and a gorgeous selection of moccasins. 

Medium, Tarot and Palm Reader on site from Thursday to Sunday inclusively.

Come and meet Marg Zito, renowned Psychic Medium to learn about your past, present and future.

Appointments available upon booking only. Please call the store on business hours to seek the availability.

Duration: approximately one hour | Cost: $80.00 (payable in cash, by e-transfer or gift certificates)

There is something for everyone on your gift-giving list for the holidays. Head on down to Boutique Arc-Ange-Ciel to see what’s in store! 

1979 St-Joseph Boulevard