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Faces of Business – Orléans Hobbies

You will find Orléans Hobbies, located in unit 106 at 1803 St-Joseph Boulevard. Orléans Hobbies has been in business since 1984 – Yes, you read that right! That’s 38 YEARS! 

Being in business for almost 4 decades certainly gives you an edge when appealing to multiple generations and bridging that gap between us all. Whether you are looking at getting a puzzle, playing a game with your family or getting a little more technical with customizing your new model plane, Orléans Hobbies has you covered! 

It really doesn’t matter what your age is or what your experience level is as the friendly staff are fully trained experts, excited to show you their stock and will work with you to select the best options for your skill level. 

Being in business for almost 40 years also means you go through the many ups and downs of the economy and have the knowledge to stay afloat.  For example, there can be some positive outcomes to recessions. The business can focus on productivity and the quality of their product to better compete. They can also look for new markets to keep their small business profitable. When we asked owner, Neil Finkelman how they survived the last 2 years of the pandemic, he responded with, “by ensuring we had lots of things people could do while they were stuck at home, such as puzzles. We sold lots of puzzles during COVID 19!” More recently, Orléans Hobbies has also expanded to include vinyl printing services and will be rearranging the shop in the winter months. Clearly they continue to keep up with the industry and keep their loyal customers coming back again and again! 

Many thanks to ChristinaLH Photography for helping us with the BIA Faces of Business initiatives