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Engage all your senses: The Orléans Fruit Farm

An ultimate locavore experience in Orléans includes a trip to the Orléans Fruit Farm. Family-owned and operated, they have been providing fresh fruits and vegetables to the local market for over 50 years. It is now the third generation of the Henrie family that is running the farm and the Heart of Orléans BIA is pleased to be working with the family on the third annual Dinner Under the Stars hosted there. 

There is so much to savour and enjoy as a trip there engages every one of your senses. 

Check out their growing schedule here to find out the prime times for each of the fruits and vegetables in the wide assortment of produce they grow. There’s asparagus and rhubarb in May and June, strawberries in June, and raspberries, beans, and peas in July.

August has the richest bounty of all the months with sweet corn, potatoes, cucumbers, cantaloupe, field tomatoes, apples, honey, and eggplants available for harvest. If your mouth is not watering by now, you may want to check your wiring as you might be an android!

The feast flows into the fall, of course, with abundant harvest of a number of fruits and vegetables already listed but also including decorative gourds and pumpkins, just in time for Halloween.

Apple growing season is an amazing time to go to the Orléans Fruit Farm and many families from all around the region have been coming for generations to spend a wonderful, warm, and glorious autumn weekend day picking their own apples and enjoying fresh pressed apple cider. It’s a family tradition for many! 

Every spring there is a brief period when the apple orchards are in full bloom and the bees are buzzing around, gathering nectar. Well worth the visit. Or you can check out a video slide show here.

Thanks to our friends at CTV Ottawa for this amazing video highlighting the Orléans Fruit Farm.

There’s so much to taste, see, smell, touch, and hear at the Orléans Fruit Farm with its cornucopia of flavours, colours, scents, and sounds.