Heart of Orléans BIA

Ed Bilat, Business for Breakfast on October 13

Ed Bilat: Overcoming Objections through Storytelling

Sales can be a scary word. Although we can agree that we cannot run successful businesses without sales, overcoming our customers’ objections is often the most feared part of sales.

Ed Bilat will guide us through a technique of using your own personal story to overcome common objections. Connecting to your “why” and using this in sales can be a genuine than using scripts. Ed will explain the science behind these techniques and why they work, and how you can scale this technique up to a sales team.

Bring your story, your creativity, and get ready to learn tips and techniques on this highly relevant topic.

The Heart of Orleans BIA is proud to partner with the Orléans Chamber of Commerce and Business for Breakfast, a networking breakfast on the second Thursday of each month.


Ed Bilat is an accomplished business development leader with expertise in developing and implementing sales strategies and building client relationships. Ed has over 20 years of sales, marketing and leadership experience in the telecom, IT, wireless and software industries. He is currently the President of Beyond Consulting International.