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–Mexicali Rosa’s is unlike any other “Mexican” concept out there today. Often copied, but never duplicated, they truly provide authentic “California Style Mexican Food” in their restaurants. The food originates from the northern border of Mexico and the southern border of California, hence the reference to the authentic product that they cook. The result from blending both cultures creates a taste profile unique only to Mexicali Rosa’s. This cooking style incorporates the simple earthly ingredients of Northern Mexico with the subtle blending of spices and flavours of Californian Cuisine. Mexicali Rosa’s also provides our guests with the atmosphere of being South of the Border by using authentic products and décor to duplicate the feeling and experience of being down South. Their music further enhances the guest experience with the exciting sounds of salsa and mariachi rhythms. The guest experience at Mexicali Rosa’s is completed with the levels of quality food and service that we provide. All of these ingredients combined are their personal recipe for success. Thank you to FedDev Ontario, Digital Main Street for the support and Don Masters from Media Plus Advertising for the production of this video.