Café Amore

Café Amore is an amazing new spot in the BIA! The owner Emma Cosentino has always wanted to open an Italian Café and it has been a dream of hers for the past 13 years. She chose this business because she absolutely loves coffee and has a passion for it. As a young girl living in an Italian household, she always had the aroma of fresh brewing espresso on the stove. It didn’t matter what time of day it was, coffee was always brewing and served hot or cold. Emma’s mission is to bring Italian culture, foods, desserts and exceptional service to the community. Her goal is to run a very successful Italian café business and to share their culture and passion with the community and around the city. She treasures meeting people, getting to know them on a regular basis and providing them exceptional customer service, great food, and homemade desserts and pastries.


Café Amore offers authentic Italian specialty coffee, cold brew, homemade desserts, gelato, panini, charcuterie boxes and salads. They will also be extending their menu options in fall! Café Amore is a unique café because they provide their guests with a comfortable atmosphere in an elegant setting with exceptional service and an unforgettable dining experience. 


Emma is grateful and proud that she was able to open her dream business and to have amazing staff working for her. She describes herself as a strong independent woman, who is determined and focused on creating and building a successful business. Emma is passionate, hard working and has the drive to grow her business and hopes to open more cafés one day. She’s open minded and is always looking to better the business with an open ear to staff and customers. She believes there is always room to grow and succeed.


Emma Cosentino looked for a location in the Heart of Orléans area because she thought it would be a fantastic spot! She came across an open space at Le Centre Plaza and requested a viewing. It was the perfect size for a Café so she jumped on it and everything fell into place. She describes it as “a great community with amazing support!” And also adds; “I wish I knew how wonderful living in Orleans was. I would have moved here years ago.” 


We are so lucky to have Café Amore, Emma, and the whole team as part of the BIA. Make sure to head over there at 2425 St Joseph Blvd, you won’t regret it! 


Thank you to our partner, ChristinaLH Photography, for the beautiful pictures.