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Brace Yourself for a Better Smile

Dr. Sharleen Tan has been making people smile for years. She is a gifted, experienced orthodontist, whose love of perfect teeth is a family affair. In fact, two of her sisters, an aunt, and a cousin are all orthodontists!

At her clinic, Braces in Orléans, each patient is treated with respect, compassion, and empathy, just like a member of the family. Dr. Tan first meets with patients and their families to create individual treatment plans, explaining everything that is going to happen and why. Her gentle, patient approach reassures children that they have nothing to worry about and they often look forward to their visits.

Dr. Tan understands that fixing a smile fixes more than the “say cheese” moment. She explains, “I have the opportunity to make positive changes in people’s lives through changing their smiles. The resulting change in their health and happiness ultimately improves their overall well-being.” 

For Dr. Tan, learning is a lifelong pursuit. She continually seeks opportunities to further her own education in order to improve her techniques, learn about new treatment approaches, and broaden the services she offers her patients. 

She spends time each week at CHEO, helping children with cleft lip and palate and craniolfacial anomalies. 

Dr. Tan also makes presentations to dentists and dental hygienists about the orthodontic treatments she provides, so they are able to better understand the treatment processes for their mutual patients.

Braces in Orléans offers orthodontics and related services to patients aged 6 to 70 in both English and French.

In Orléans, smiles abound, thanks to Dr. Sharleen.

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