Heart of Orléans BIA

BIA Member Benefit

For Renée LeBlanc, co-owner of Moveo Sports and Physiotherapy, being located in the Heart of Orléans BIA district is a bonus she hadn’t anticipated when she opened the doors of her business in 2015. The BIA was just beginning to build its presence and now, eight years later, has become a strong and vital part of the business community. 

LeBlanc appreciates being part of the BIA as it is built on the principle of stronger, together. Because she has come to know her peers through membership in the BIA, she feels comfortable reaching out to other businesses to discuss important matters. This was especially helpful during the pandemic when she and others in the health and wellness space would validate public health information with each other to ensure compliance and to make the experience as safe and secure as possible for their clients. 

In addition, she enjoys receiving information from the BIA via the newsletter and The Beat (check out the Subscribe button at the bottom of the page) to learn about new and established businesses and particularly loves the the BIA’s social media presence. 

LeBlanc adds, “The biggest changes I have seen in the past eight years are streetscape initiatives! These are great ways to beautify our district and very noticeable. I am excited to see what other plans the BIA has for streetscape initiatives in the future.” 

She encourages others, just outside the area, to consider associate membership. She points to the small town feel with a variety of shops and professional services and that there are a variety of leasing opportunities that offer a great potential to grow a business.

Elizabeth Iverson, owner of Art of the Bean, is located on Youville Drive. Though this location is just outside the BIA’s catchment area, she made the decision to become an associate member. And, she’s glad she did. 

“As a new business, opening in October 2021, we wanted a way to feel connected to the businesses in our community,” Iverson states. She is grateful for the coverage via social media, The Beat, and the newsletter that the BIA provided, welcoming them to the community, when they became members. Iverson adds, “It was great awareness building and brought many new customers to us.” 

Iverson, who grew up in Orléans, finds the streetscape changes a bonus that is built on the BIA’s strategic, long-term vision. “There is a real sense of camaraderie among the businesses and some of it stems from how proud we feel in our streetscape. The flags, the pride crosswalk, it’s cool to be part of that, to be part of the progress in building Orléans as a go-to destination for shopping and dining.” 

If you’re interested in becoming a member, feel free to reach out to the Heart of Orléans. They look forward to hearing from you.