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Behind the Business – Red Swan Pizza

In March of 2022, Tony Matthews decided to open Red Swan Pizza at 2095 St-Joseph Boulevard in the Heart of Orléans. Red Swan Pizza is proudly Canadian and prides itself on excellent service, quality and value.


Do you like a lot of options when it comes to ordering a big pizza pie for your fam jam? Tony has got you covered! You can customize your pizza with over 40 variations to choose from. They offer both gourmet and traditional pizza and the pies are nothing short of imaginative. Whether you want personalized sauce, vegetable, meat, cheese, or crust choices, you can find everything you need here. Red Swan also can create gluten-friendly pizzas, pizzas for people following a keto diet or a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. 


Red swan’s core value systems are Taste, Service and Quality. These are non-negotiable and will not be compromised in Red Swan Pizza. Also renowned for its quality customer service, you will find delicious pizza with only the best ingredients served up at Red Swan. None of that soggy crust or ho hum topping options. Just a good quality pizza pie that delivers on its promises. That’s amoré! 


Do you love a good slice of pizza as much as we do? Swing by The Red Swan and Tony will take good care of all your cravings!


A huge thank you to ChristinaLH Photography for her help in showcasing small businesses.