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Back to school has never been sweeter

Okay, we’re just going to go ahead and say it: Every parent who educated their children over the past year and a half deserves a medal. And, a standing ovation. And, the undying gratitude of everyone who did not have to go through this challenge. 

Jason Bellefleur, physiotherapist and co-owner of Bellefleur Physiotherapy in Orléans, has two school-aged children. He describes how he has a deeper understanding of his children now and what they’re needs are. He also touches on the uncertainty and stress of the ongoing roller coaster of school openings, closings, and re-openings. He states, “This past year has been all about adapting.” 

That may very well be the understatement of the past year. 

To be sure, it has been a juggling act for Jason and his family – and so many others like them – who have had to learn new curriculum materials, adjust to the learning style of each child, and deal with conflicting work/school schedules. To say nothing of the demands on the wifi! 

In spite of it all, Jason is optimistic. “Kids have a great capacity for learning and I know my children will catch up on anything we may have missed in this coming school year.” 

Dave Bellefleur, physiotherapist and co-owner of Bellefleur Physiotherapy in Orléans, and his wife have a three year old who was going to daycare pre-pandemic. Despite the challenges, it’s still working out well. And, he and his young child have enjoyed some “like father like son” moments with their matching Daddy Tiger / Baby Tiger masks! “We’re lucky that he has no problem wearing a mask. Especially since he may have to wear a mask to school,” he says. 

Both Jason and Dave have been back at work since June 2020 whether that’s been virtual consultations via video-conferencing or, more recently, in-person appointments at their clinic. 

They invite you to check out their Facebook page to keep up-to-date on the latest news at their clinic.