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Art in Motion

Did you know that Stage 2 of the LRT development will add 44 kilometres of rail and 24 new stations? The City of Ottawa’s Public Art Program is embracing this opportunity to showcase the work of local and international artists and share them with riders to make their LRT experience more enjoyable. 

Five teams will bring public art to the stations and surrounding areas. They were selected through a rigorous multi-stage selection process. First, interested artists were asked to provide their CVs and past examples of their work. Then, the selection committee selected from the submissions to create a shortlist. The final stage of the competition involved interviews with the artist teams to assess their approach and determine the most artistically excellent approaches to integrating artwork into the station designs.

Katherine Ingrey, Portfolio Manager of the City of Ottawa’s Public Art Program, states, “Artists are working on a cluster of stations to provide an engaging and creative narrative for riders. Both local and international artist teams were selected from the international call. The artist teams that were selected to work on the stations are working with the design teams to imbed artwork within the station architecture. We’re very pleased with the direction the artist teams have taken and are excited to see it coming together. Through this approach, we’re continuing to present Ottawa on a global stage.” 

James Carpenter Design Associates will provide the artwork for the east end LRT stations, including Montréal, Jeanne d’Arc, Place d’Orléans, Trim, and Promenade d’Orléans. No sneak peeks of the artwork yet but they’ll be coming soon! 

Tannis Vine, Executive Director of the Heart of Orléans BIA, adds, “James Carpenter Design Associates are world-renowned for their beautiful integrations of architecture, engineering, and art in public spaces. We’re very excited to have this artist share their creativity and vision in our community.”  

The Heart of Orléans BIA is looking forward to community feedback on LRT art. Feel free to share your comments on our social media at Facebook and Instagram