Heart of Orléans BIA

Are you “Meant for More”?

Like many of the very best business coaches, Catherine Fair’s resume is packed with a broad range of work experiences. But what strikes you first is that she’s a whip-smart people-person. 

A resident of Orléans, Catherine graduated with a degree in biological sciences and a minor in biomed at the University of Guelph. After an interesting career in her chosen field and a fair amount of travel, she found a position that brought together her many interests, talents, and experiences at the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB). 

“That’s when I first started working with business owners,” Catherine says. “I met and worked with over 2,000 of every size and industry in eastern Ontario. It’s where I learned I loved being an advocate for business people.” 

When executives from the rapidly expanding Rhapsody Strategies coaching company approached her to ask her to join their team six years ago, she was surprised. She hadn’t realized that she had, through her work with the CFIB, actually become a coach. She liked their approach and tagline: You know you’re Meant for More. She joined them and hasn’t looked back. She loves her work at Rhapsody. 

Catherine finds the most satisfaction when her clients follow through and say they have seen concrete results. “There is nothing more exciting than witnessing a company go through a dynamic transformation,” she says. 

COVID and coaching 

COVID, of course, has become incredibly important in impacting business owners and their decision-making processes. 

With COVID, Catherine has seen companies and individuals that have suffered. But she’s also seen incredible resilience and commitment, hard work and trust. 

Her most important message to her clients? You must be able to pivot. In her experience, this is what makes an effective pivot: 

1. Open-mindedness: Folks who stayed cemented into a way of doing things did not have the resilience to pivot.

2. Adaptability: Those who could let go of thought processes and former ways of doing things moved forward the quickest.

3. Spirit of experimentation: The ability to try things without expectation that it will work out as planned meant that clients could continue until they landed on the solution that worked best for them.

4. Courage: People with courage, who are willing to take a leap of faith (in spite of the fear), have moved forward with more success.  

Discovery meetings 

If you’ve been thinking coaching may be a good fit for you, you’ll be interested to hear that Catherine offers free, no-obligation discovery meetings that are 60 minutes in length. You can set this up reaching out to her at [email protected].  Who knows? Maybe you’ll discover that you, too, are Meant for More.