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An important key to (re)starting activities safely and injury-free

The Heart of Orleans BIA thanks physiotherapist Renée LeBlanc of Moveo Physiotherapy for sharing this article. 

The recent months have been difficult with the combination of lockdown orders and the cold weather. The impact of being isolated and less active can not only make it hard to resume or start certain activities, but can also create fear and doubt on how to do so safely and injury free. 

Did you know that May is National Physiotherapy Month? This is an opportunity to build awareness about the importance of contributing actively to your health and to seek help to achieve your rehabilitation goals. 

In addition, taking into consideration the current reality in our healthcare system, patients may be waiting for surgical intervention or for a consultation with a specialist. This is a time to trust your allied health professionals, such as your physiotherapist. Preventative care can go a long way. 

Here are a few things to consider to get started:

  • Consult your trusted physiotherapist and obtain professional help for that ongoing pain that is limiting you; 
  • Physiotherapists can also help with people who are not in pain. In fact, they can prepare and teach you a home exercise program with your specific needs in mind. This can also be done in the comfort of your home through a virtual appointment; 
  • If you start a new activity, remember to start progressively. This means progressively increasing the time, frequency, and the intensity. Muscles and joints need time to adapt and this is a friendly reminder that can help decrease the risk of injury. 
  • Utilize what our city and community have to offer. We are surrounded by walking trails, dog parks, tennis courts and so much more. Local businesses also offer virtual group classes if you need something more structured. 
  • Motivate yourself by setting up a friendly competition with friends or family. For example, aim to achieve a certain number of steps a day or try to step outdoors on a daily basis. Keep yourself and others accountable. 

Looking forward to seeing the Orléans and Ottawa community resume or start activities that are safe and pandemic friendly. Your physiotherapist is here to help you along the way!